Is Shively part of the Metro Government?

No. The merger only involved the former Jefferson County and City of Louisville Governments. None of the small suburban cities, including Shively, are included.

How do I get a copy of my accident or crime report?

You must contact the Investigating Agency to get a copy of your report. For Shively, you must pick it up at our headquarters which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no charge for victims or persons involved in an accident. Insurance companies and law firms must pay $2 per report. To locate your report, we need the following information: report number and report type (Crime or Collision) OR date of report, name of person involved and type of report

How do I obtain open records request, dash cam or body cam videos?

Contact Major Patrick Allen

Where are you located?

1800 Park Rd (behind Burger King). Park Rd runs off the 3900 block of Dixie Hwy, 3 lights north of Interstate 264.

I am going out of town, will the police watch my house?

We do have a house check program for Shively residents. There is a short form that you will need to fill out. It can be downloaded on our forms page and dropped off at our station, or you may also pick up a copy at our station.

How do I report illegal activity such as Narcotics or Vice?

If it is an emergency situation or in progress, call us at 9-1-1 or 448-6181. If it is an on-going situation go to our forms page and fill out a HOT SPOT card which can be mailed or faxed to us anonymously. Additionally you may contact Crime Stoppers at 582-CLUE (582-2583) who will forward your tips to us or call our tips line at 502-930-2SPD (2773).

How do I found out if someone has been arrested?

All persons age 18 and over arrested in Jefferson County are taken to Metro Corrections. They can be reached at 574-8477. It takes about an hour before the arrested person is in their system. Juveniles are taken to the Jefferson County Youth Center (JCYC). Their number is 574-6854.

I need to be fingerprinted for a job or license, do you do fingerprinting?

No. You will need to go to Metro Corrections downtown at Sixth and Liberty Streets.

How do I get a copy of my arrest record?

Contact the Ky Administrative Office of the Courts. The Ky Records Check Form is available for download on our forms page. Follow the instructions on this form and mail to the address listed on it.

How do I swear out a warrant on someone?

Go to the Warrants and Mediation Office at the Hall of Justice located at 600 W Jefferson St. Their office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM – 5PM. Their phone number is 595-3106 if you need more information.

How do I find out if I have a warrant?

You must go in person to the Hall of Justice and show a picture ID.

My vehicle was towed. Where is it and how do I get it out?

We contract with Mosby’s Wrecker Service located at 3119 Dixie Hwy. You must be the registered owner or have a notarized document from the registered owner authorizing you to pickup the vehicle. Bring your vehicle registration or title and your picture ID to our police station. You must pick up the release from us before you can get the vehicle out of impound.

There is an abandoned vehicle on my property, will you tow it away?

Only if it is stolen or needed as evidence in a criminal investigation. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have the vehicle removed.

Are you hiring and what are the requirements to become a police officer?

When we are hiring we will post it in The Courier-Journal newspaper. We will also try to post it on the front page of our web site. The requirements are standardized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky under the Peace Officer Professional Standards or POPS. You can review the POPS requirements here.

Can I get one your agency’s shoulder patches?

No. Patches are only available to Shively Police personnel for official purposes. We also do not offer any other police memorabilia such as pins.